ProLink Aveksa Enhancement Pack


With over 8 years experience in helping organizations from a variety of sectors and sizes, ProLink had acquired some unique insight on the Aveksa product and has built custom add-ons to complement native product functionality with extra features needed by our customers.

These tools, featured in the ProLink Aveksa Enhancement Pack, are solving real life issues, and have been used internally by our team, as well as by our customers, during project set up and during the ongoing business use of the system.

Functionality Overview

• All modules contained in this package are considered as add-ons to the current functionality in Aveksa.
• Visibility and access to these modules are from Aveksa's Home dashboards.
• Implementation is simple and requires short installation and testing activity.
• Future additions and updates are planned.

ProLink Home Dashboard

Modules Included

The current product release includes the following modules:

  1. Rollback
  2. Entitlement Copy
  3. Business Description Loader

For further details please refer to the Product Document or contact us.